Mission Statement

Our Mission is to serve and protect all human rights and life from the moment of conception until the natural death, protect the natural low of traditional marriage between man and woman in the way it was established by God. Bring medical assistance to the most poverished Hospitals , hospices and orphanages in Ukraine. Bring support help and relive to the children with the special needs. Help single mothers, and family’s that find themselves in the most difficult situations. By our prayer and action show that each one has the most treasures dignity before God the Father.

Who are we?

Chalice of Mercy is a Catholic mission which strongly believes in the protection and dignity of all life from the moment of conception until natural death. Our outreach mission is currently in Ukraine, where a former communistic society paralyzed many aspects of life. We are praying for, and working towards, returning optimism to the hearts of the people, and to areas where the belief in the love of our Heavenly Father has been destroyed. Our mission is to restore hope to the poor, elderly and those considered outcasts in Ukrainian society; and to bring back the sacraments and dignity of sacramental family life. Chalice of Mercy is working with the Catholic Church in the Kharkovko-Zaporozskaya Diocese of Ukraine. Our mission also involves doctors and medical students, who have direct contact with those in need, to help them bring about changes necessary to restore the dignity of all life and the dignity of their profession.

Our Mission

Ukraine is a country of martyrs, a country where faith has been repressed and where the evil of communism suffocated many people. What can we do to help the Ukrainian people return to the joy of praising Our Father, to be free in their hearts, to not be afraid to live in truth, to see with clarity the truth which was taken away from them, and to feel without anxiety? We know only one thing; that is to trust in God and His providence - with prayer and actions of love, which bring us all together to serve the poor and sow seeds of love that will begin to sprout. God wants so little from us. He only wants that we become aware of our childhood and the Fatherhood of the Almighty. He provides the rest! He desires us all to know Him.

Our Mission has touched so many hearts. The work we all participated in has brought the love of Our Heavenly Father closer to every person. These are treasures that will never pass, and only in heaven we will know each and every person we were able to help and each child were able to save. We began our work with very small steps, and they became like a little seed that needs time to sprout.

We have little to offer, but look how much has been accomplished since our mission began in 2007 - only four years ago:

In October 2009, we were able to ship a 40 foot container of medical supplies to Kamenka-Dneprovskaya Hospital in Ukraine. This hospital serves 45,000 people. The joy of the people who work there and who serve the sick was indescribable when the equipment arrived. Several doctors from this hospital participated in natural family planning classes and are now able to teach their patients.

In May 2010, we held a mission of the St. Gianna Physicians' Guild in Ukraine. St. Gianna was a wife, mother, and physician who gave her life for the life of her precious unborn child. We visited medical universities, two large hospitals, clinics and several churches, including the Church of Merciful Father God in Zaporozhe. At the medical university in Gitomir, we were able to speak to 120 future doctors. They learned every life has unimaginable value and they can participate in saving lives and healing. The response was amazing! We have been able to purchase and hang TV screens in birthing hospitals and even in one abortion clinic. The TV monitors show the movie "Miracle of Life" (the moment of conception through the birth of the child). Doctors from hospitals and clinics have been calling us and asking if we can help with more.

In June 2011, Chalice of Mercy organized a mission trip to help renovate St. Michael the Archangel Hospice in Zaporozhe. Several volunteers traveled from Wisconsin to Ukraine, and worked tirelessly to build a handicap exit, refinish patient's rooms and the kitchen area, along with assisting with the renovation in other areas of the hospice. None of this work could have been accomplished without your generous donations and thoughtful prayers.

During the June 2011 mission trip, we also visited the Kalinovka Orphanage for Disabled Children and donated a much needed supply of diapers. We visited with the children and brought fruit, candy and other items for them. Every child we saw had so much love to give, but sadly, few will be adopted.

God has opened many doors for us. This is because of your prayers, the seeds you have sown in the soil of Ukraine. The amount of people Chalice of Mercy's mission will reach currently unknown. But, we believe without a doubt, God is watering our seeds and we will know every child and every person by face in eternity. Our mission has only begun, so let us continue with joy and happiness.